Supernatural: The End is Here

The world is empty, everyone is gone. And this is the second to last episode of the story of our heroes.

Feeling the end of the world coming closer, so does one of the most popular shows coming to a, what seems like, a bitter end. The episode started with our trio figure out how to battle God who’s been taken almost every single living thing on earth.


Seeking hope, in a church of course, they meet up with their old pal Michael – discussing the fate of the world.

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“This is how God Ends”

New Death (for five minutes)

With the power of Michael, trying to open the book of God, fails as their fate of saving the world crumbles.

But as they sit, all lost and confused, they get a phone call from one familiar face – Cas. Who’s still in the Empty, their faces all turn to shock as they see Lucifer standing outside the door.

I’m cancelling your show.


Characters are dying like flies. Cas, New Death, Lucifer, Michael and oh, basically the rest of the world. Seeing Sam helping Dean up after being crushed to pieces by God, put a smile on our faces. Emotional. Gripping. And sums up their love for each other. Standing side by side, with death inches away, with a smile on both faces – at the end of their world.

It appears they boys had been setting a plan in motion. Jack had been able to absolve the power of all mighty being around him, getting all the juice he needed to take away God’s powers. Ultimately becoming the New God.


So now what? It really felt like a hurried ending… What will the next episode be about? How will everything Carry On?