Oh, Cas…That’s A Punch In The Gut

The third to last episode of Supernatural was a gut to the stomach. But not in the way you’d expect.

As we’re ascending into the final season of the thrilling ride of what has become one of the longest airing shows on television (and it’s been up and down, expect for the first five season which were simply amazing) – we’re hitting the end.


And with shows going to their final destinations, characters are not so safe anymore. For a show that has been calling back people who’d died in the past and not only once, but multiple times, characters who die now – will stay dead.

That’s why this episode felt like something completely different. Especially for one main character. Warning for spoiler below.

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Cas. It’s too soon to even speak does words… but this was Castiel’s Swan Song. And it hurt us right in the gut.

Ever since he first appeared in season four, he’s been one of the greatest characters on the show. And that’s why he should have had a better send off.

One of the greatest characters on one of the longest running shows should have had a better ending. Maybe… becoming the new God? Or becoming something else?


But we have to say that his acting in this episode was beyond amazing. Let alone that great and emotional speech.