New ‘Scream’: First Images, Title Revealed – Filming Wraps

Do you still like scary movies? After lots of hinting at the return to the world of Scream, that Wes Craven-helmed, self-referential horror franchise that’s currently four titles deep, including the return of beloved star Neve Campbell, we now have lots of more details about the forthcoming Scream 5, including our first images, the revelation that photography has wrapped on production, and the title of the sucker!

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Ready for the official title of Scream 5? Here it is: Scream. This comes in a long line of legacy sequels/soft reboots/”back to basics” horror titles retaining the original franchise title, including works like Halloween (2018)Ghostbusters (2016), and of course, The Final Destination (emphasis on the, college football style). Could this mean Scream, formerly known as Scream 5, aims to hit us with a stripped-down take on the sometimes complicated, tricky mythology? Will we get a joke within the film about legacy horror sequels having basic titles like this?

As for what to expect from the upcoming Scream? Our own Perri Nemiroff spoke with co-directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett (the duo better known as Radio Silence), executive producer Chad Villella, and producer William Sherak who talked about the film’s engagement with horror trends of the past and present — which does, indeed, lead us to a title like Scream. Here’s what Bettinelli-Olpin had to say:

The movie has a lot to do with the current state of horror, but one of the things we talked about is that unlike when the original started and horror was sort of on a downward path and it wasn’t that popular anymore – people outside of the mainstream were still into it, but the mainstream had given up on horror – that’s not where we’re at now, obviously. Horror is as big as anything right now, and so it’s fun to go at it from that angle. But also, at the same time, for us scary is scary, and it always will be. If something’s truly scary, it’s just going to be fucking scary and that’s our aim. And that’s something we learned from Wes Craven going all the way back to Last House on the Left. Nightmare on Elm Street was probably one of the first horror movies any of us saw that truly scared us in a major, major way seeing that as a kid. When it comes to that kind of thing, I think that’s one of our main goals is just to make sure that the scary is scary and not try to be gentle about it.


Scream 5 — er, sorry, Scream— comes to theaters January 14, 2022. Check out writer Kevin Williamson‘s wrap photos and messages below.