Million demand that Amber Heard be poked out of “Aqua man 2”

Millions of Depp supporters are fighting to have Amber Heard removed

The relationship between Johnny Depp, 57, and Amber Heard, 34, continues to make headlines both in the United States and around the world. Supporters of Johnny Depp have now done a name collection with the demand that Heard should not get the role of Mera in the action film “Aqua man 2”, which will soon begin filming.

Got fired

The reason behind the collection is that the problems with their relationship were the reason why Depp is no longer relevant as the evil wizard Geller Grindewald in the “Harry Potter” sequel “Fantastic Monster 3”. Depp has previously been accused by his ex-wife Amber Heard of being a woman abuser. Depp has also accused Heard of abusing him, which has now caused his followers to go to the roof. In total, almost 1.4 million have signed with the argument that Heard should have been more violent towards Depp than the other way around.


Lost in trial


In the fall, Depp also lost in court after suing The Sun for libel. This is due to The Sun portraying him as a “wife abuser”. But the court followed the newspaper’s line after Heard testified during the trial. Depp’s loss of trial was also the reason he lost the role in the “Fantastic Monster” movies. The company Warner Bros., which produces both the “Aqua man” and “Fantastic monsters” films, has not yet commented on what the effects on Heard could be after the large number of signatures.